Black & White Sorceress

This long magnificent mage dress was created for a character from the Notre-Dame-de-la-Rédemption's guild in Bicolline. Made to provide an imposing presence with a perfect balance between elegance and power, this dress was cut to emphasize our customer's hourglass shape with its cinched waist, and a double circle skirt providing ample folds and an impressive tail. Made of ivory and black Strasbourg polyester, the dress was enhanced with touches of black velvet on the sleeves and waist.

The stunning high collar was made very wide around the shoulders and the upper back to leave room for various kinds of hair arrangements and allow the neck to move freely. The back of the dress is decorated with a complex pattern of black floral embroideries, and a series of laces around the waist. The long sleeves and the upper body are doubled with contrasting fabrics, and we used luxurious silver buttons to enhance the details of this costume even further. 

This dress is truly worthy of a great Mage of the Redemption and was a wonderful project to work on. We are very proud of the results! 

Dress and makeup by les Artisans d'Azure
Pictures by Open Shutter


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Divine Inspiration

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