The Ragnarok Druid

 This custom tunic was made for a member of the Ragnarok guild from Bicolline. Made of a sturdy cotton and linen based textile, this asymmetrical piece presents nature and woodland inspired details to set the tone for this wild druid character. The borders of the tunic are made with two types of supple leathers. The pale brown leather on the edges presents a clean cut and decorative Norse runes, while the dark brown layer has serrated edges for a wild and savage aspect. We also sewed a tree like leather pattern on the tunic, with the Ragnarok white wolf nested at its roots. Completed with a coyote pelt cloak from Fourrure Jackalope, this is a costume fit for a warrior druid. 

Tunic made by les Artisans d'Azure
Cloak by Fourrure Jackalope
Axe by Calimacil
Pictures by Open Shutter


Druidic Inspiration
Druidic Inspiration


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