The Persian Rogue

This luxurious rogue set was custom made for a LARP character. Inspired by turco-persian aesthetics, this oriental surcoat is luxuriously decorated with decorative ribbons and sewed patterned fabrics on the borders. Using rich textured composite textiles allowed this amazing set to look intricate and glamorous while remaining quite simple and practical in design. The surcoat is worn with a large bronze and black cloth belt in the oriental fashion, and displays a double set of sleeves to give the illusion of layers on the costume. The purple and black base colors of the main costume piece suits the sneaky yet social aspects of the character. To complement this set, we worked with Créations Sydérales to create a persian turban hat with wool felt and the same textile used for the belt.

Costume made by les Artisans d'Azure
Turban-hat made by Créations Sydérales
Pictures by Open Shutter

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