Ogre Mage Set

This impressive ogre mage set created for Bicolline is one of the most ambitious custom project given to our team. Worthy of the most prestigious and opulent sultan, this costume for a fantasy gem merchant is made of three main pieces for a luxurious and magnificent aspect.

Long and majestic, the sleeveless hooded vest is the upper layer of clothing. Made of violet fabric doubled in golden and black jacquard, she does down past the knees and is folded around the shoulder to create volume and more complexity of texture. The border of the hood and vest are decorated with a large decorative ribbon, which is embedded with many dark gems for an enhanced occult and luxurious appearance for this unique character. The hood is also supporting a dyed and stamped leather decorations, with cabochons and even more precious stones.

The second piece is the amazing half-cape, which comes with an adjustable leather harness and a removable massive leather pauldron. Torn at the bottom, the cloak is made of false black suede, decorated with large violet and golden ribbons on the borders. Symbols made of supple leather are also stitched on it for additional complexity. Of course, the piece of resistance is the huge and fabulously ornamented pauldron. Made of vegetable leather with gems encapsulated inside, and a handmade dye, it's stamped by hand and also carries large crystal like shapes. These crystals were made of molded plastics by our partners from Nemesis Workshop, for additional fantasy element.

Lastly, the third piece of this custom set is the tunic. Made in an oriental style, she is closed with large glass buttons placed across the chest. Made of complex combination of jacquard and brocade of black, bronze and violet colors, she has triple sleeves, all layered to show layer over layer with each presenting a unique design. The collar and the sleeves are also decorated with sewed gems, while the whole set is closed by a large satin belt to keep everything in place and reinforce the oriental look of this fabulous costume.

Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
Crystals & weapon by Nemesis Workshop
Mask provided by the customer

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