Griffin Warrior Set

This custom made set was created for a warrior from the Griffin Guild, at Bicolline. Made of green and brown wool, this costume uses a plain, natural color theme, but if far from lacking in term of finish and style. Sturdy and practical, it combines many layers and plentiful decorations for a majestic look and comfortable fit. A custom fitted dress is used at the underlayer, with open shoulders and 3/4 sleeves which are closed by elastic bands. The dress presents decorative ribbons with embroideries on the sleeves and collar, and is adjustable on the sides with laces to hug the wearer's figure perfectly. The hooded bolero is even fixed on this dress using eyelets and laces. This second piece is made of beaver fur and wool, and decorated with a spiraled piping on the borders, with green embroideries matching the dress on the shoulders as well. The large hood is made of thick fabric to support its own weight, and decorated with laser engraved leather feathers of three different colors to reinforce the griffin theme proper for this warrior's LARP guild.

The bottom of the outfit is covered by a magnificent combat skirt, which is doubled with emerald nylon for more color complexity. The skirt is adjusted on the back with laces, and carries a set of decorative straps with brass rings on the sides and the front for a more martial look. Feathers are also added on this third piece, exactly like the ones decorating the hood. A spiral pattern is also woven on the bottom of the skirt to add the last detail to this astonishing fighting woman set.

Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
Sword by Epic Armoury


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