Harold - How to Train your Dragon III

This incredible set is directly taken from How to Train your Dragon 3. Custom made as a cosplay of Harold Hiccup, Berk's first dragon trainer, this costume was made with a monochromatic mahogany colored theme, using a composition of multiple pieces. The leather accessories are all made of hand dyed vegetable leather, sewed by hand and decorated with an used and damaged patina, full of scratches and probable dragon claw lacerations. The pauldrons are custom made out of thick leather and fixed on an adjustable harness, while the bracers are closed with straps and include a protective plate over the hand. Two twin belts complete the leather set, and hold in place the clothing elements of this awesome cosplay.

The clothing center piece for this amazing project is probably the sleeveless leather vest, which is made by combining multiple supple leather squares to create a nice false padded finish. This vest is closed by straps and snap buttons on the front, and also decorated by a wide border made of cracked leather reminding of dragon scales. Underneath the vest, we also created a cotton gambeson that goes down to the knees, the final touch on this set.

Armor, costume, makeup and shield by Les Artisans d'Azure
Sword by Nemesis Workshop
Pictures by Open Shutter


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