Vonstrogen Firebreather

Created for a Vonstrogen character, a race of anthropomorphic carnivorous plant from the LARP Courbensaule, this custom made outfit includes a long sleeve form fitting coat made of supple leather, doubled with burgundy satin. The coat's sleeves are removable, and decorated on the forearms with pyro-engraved brown leather with lines reminiscent of tree bark. Holes have been added in the coat to be filled with burgundy leather, stitched in place for a rugged and patchwork-like finish. The coat is closed on the front by an off-centered series of antique gold snap buttons, while it's adjusted at the back for a form fitting cut that displays the wearer's figure. 

To this amazing center piece are also added pants made of various synthetic textiles, black and burgundy, placed in large stripes around the thighs. The bottom of the pants are stretchy and hug the calves closely, held in place with small snap buttons for extra comfort. A long belt made of braided leather strips and decorated with engraved leather leaves serves a both decoration and utility on this outfit, enhancing the organic plant aesthetic. Our partners from Nemesis Workshop finished this creation with an impressive coif made of false leaves, and a superb leather mask with a wood finish. Important note, this whole set was created with the intent of being used in fire-breathing routines, something that can only be absolutely incredible to watch!

Coat, belt and pants by Les Artisans d'Azure
Mask and coif by Nemesis Workshop
Pictures by Open Shutter

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