The Wild Spouses

This custom made project was made for a young couple about to get wed.They wanted to walk to the altar in outfits that would really stand out of the ordinary and display their originality. Created under the theme of ''wild tribal viking'' under the couple's recommendations, this matching set uses both elements from the store and many custom made pieces to create the desired look.

The groom set includes a large custom made pauldron in thick vegetable. Light brown with paler borders, it's mounted on a sturdy harness and combined with a pair of matching bracers. A leather crown holds his mane of hair, decorated with golden borders, while his shoulder is covered by an half-cape made of emerald false suede, doubled with gold and black checkered brocade. The cape is also gored and decorated with leather pieces on the corners. The broom wears a pair of custom made pants in patchwork of jacquard, linen, cotton, and brocade.

The bride outfit includes a long underbust corset in thick leather, dyed in light brown and decorated with pieces of emerald leather and a golden border. This important piece can be adjusted in three places, a detail which came handy as the bride was pregnant during the photoshoot. Despite the additional curve of her belly, the corset could easily be adjusted to fit comfortably. A train was also fixed to the back of this corset. Made of a patchwork of linen, lacework and synthetic fabrics, it was forming a bronze gradation from the bottom to the top. A fine woven leather belt, hidden under the tunic, supports a set of matching suspenders, decorated with tarnished golden buckles. The bride also wears a custom made pauldron matching the groom, as well as greaves from our viking set. A thin leather crown complete the gown of this savage queen.

It is important to mention that we also create a tiny belt, crown and bracer for the couple's baby, all doubled in suede to made them softer for the child. These pieces aren't visible on the pictures, but they can exemplify how much care was put in this project !

Costume and makeup by Les Artisans d'Azure
Weapons by Nemesis Workshop, Calimacil, and the customers
Pictures by Open Shutter


Inspiration Barbarian

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