Outlaw Armor

There are multiple tales that recount the adventures of the well-known Red Warriors of Ul'Drazak. The mother city was once ravaged by invaders who,not content to kill the male population, also enslaved the women of the country. The women refused to submit and quietly prepared an insurrection that made in the annals of history. The master blacksmith Aedrisse secretly created her now famous armor, competing in strength and flexibility with those of the greatest smiths in the kingdom. The women avenged their sons, fathers and brothers in a single night, covering themselves in the blood of their enemies in order to sow terror among their opponents. Since then, the Red Warriors are the elite guard of the capital and their efficiency is only equaled by their reputation.

This full armor was designed for a true warrior. Realism being the priority, it truly protects the torso by not revealing the throat. Very comfortable, the bustier and solid leather corset allows not only greater flexibility , but also a better fit thanks to the possibility to vary the size of the pieces separately : thanks to this it is possible to adapt the armor to any kind of waist and chest. It is possible to change the color of the leather and the type of dye to customize the kit and so equip your favorite warrior with her own custom armor.

Armor by les Artisans d'Azure 
Weapons by Calimacil


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Outlaw Armor

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