Ragnarok Alchemist

This impressive outfit was custom made for an alchemist-brewer character in Bicolline's Ragnarok guild. This heavy drinking and knowledgeable character needed a costume displaying his impressive skills, and we took that challenge very seriously. This legendary set includes some of the most intricate and complex pieces we ever crafted. Inspired by Norse mythology and fantasy viking aesthetics, the outfit explores many aspect of the character through engravings and symbols added on its many elements. 

The tunic is the foundation of the whole set and received a lot of attention in terms of finish and details. Made of Prussian blue Vivaldi linen, the large tunic has wide short sleeves and a built in large hood. It is lined at the sleeves, bottom, and hood with a mixed fiber decorative fabric, the irregular pattern creating a nice contrast of white and black. We also took care to add soft leather borders, decorated with contrasted white stitching as well as leather braids weaved in the sleeves and hood. 

The alchemist apron is the set's centerpiece. Themed around the character's background as an alchemist-brewer, we added formulas and alchemical symbols on the brown leather. In addition to these smaller details, three large drawings have been laser engraved on the apron. The first is a jarred head inspired by Mimir in Norse mythology, a wise and knowledgeable figure that kept by Odin's side even after his death in the form of a secret whispering beheaded head. The second drawing is a large runic pentacle that represent the personnel symbol of our client's character, as well as his brother. Finally, the third symbol is from the Ragnarok guild, engraved on the side of the apron to display to all where this alchemist's loyalties go. As with the tunic, leather braids have been added to decorate this large piece, adding details and complexity on its borders. The apron can also carry a few small steel glass for carousing and celebration. 

This outfit wouldn't be complete without some custom made accessories. In this case, we created a large belt pouch decorated with a second take on our client's personal emblem, as well as some handmade stamping. The engraved leather belt must be one of the most labor intensive piece of this outfit though, the complex Nordic knot pattern being entirely engraved by hand, a process that took more than ten hours of meticulous work by one of our most senior craftsman. We are very proud of the result, and are grateful to P-A Brisson to have entrusted us with such an amazing project!

Tunic, apron, belt, pouch, and make-up by les Artisans d'Azure
Pictures by Open Shutter
Horn provided by the client

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