White Howler Set

This shaman full set was carefully crafted for Bicolline's Bal Pourpre for a character from the White Howler guild. This legendary set includes a custom made dress including a supple leather bodice, as well as a pauldron, a collar, a skirt, and a cloak.

As the main piece of this costume, the dress received a lot of attention in the making process. With its cream, white, sand, gold, brown, and red colors, it's a very complex piece of clothing using a white variety of supple leathers and textiles to achieve the desired look of a dress that is both ragged and somehow elegant at the same time. This tribal ceremonial gown was enhanced by dozens of decorations, charms, amulets, and trinkets. We also made a leather bodice made of supple leather that includes a lacing on the back. 

To that main piece was added a leather and cloth choker with metal rings and suspended decorations. Easy to put on or remove thanks to its snap buttons, it was used to create a more dignified look to the outfit, a design that was further enhanced by the feathered pauldron. This tribalistic decorative piece used cream and white feathers, locked in place with a white and brown pauldron decorated with golden and red painted molded bone shapes. This customized version of our Crow pauldron was held in place by a strap going around the chest. 

To finish this impressive shaman costume, we made a red cotton and linen long skirt and a large cloak. This cloak was made in mixed wool and knitting, with a wide lined hood and a gradient of colors in the bottom. The cloak was also decorated with more trinkets and wood beads to provide the last touch to this mesmerizing set. 

Costume and makeup by les Artisans d'Azure
Corset by Les Soeurs d'Armes

Skull mask by Bueshang's Creations
Polearm by Calimacil
Pictures by Open Shutter

Druidic Inspiration
Druidic Inspiration


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