The Scholarly Inquisitors

Female Version

This elegant and stern-looking coat was designed for a character of the Redemption Guild from Bicolline. With its mandarin collar and asymmetrical structure, the coat looks dignified and glorious, with shiny silver buttons catching the eyes as they contrast with the dark black textile. The bottom of the coat hangs behind, the black tail separating to reveal pieces of contrasting white.This skirt is longer in the back and shorter in the front to give more freedom of movement.

The sleeves have contrasted slits and present decorative buttonholes, while the shoulder, torso, and upper arm are decorated with black alchemical and arcane symbols made with a vinyl press. A silver-white tread has been added to make the seams pop while the inside of the coat is lined with patterned white fabric and hides two extra pockets.

Male Version

This distinguished coat made of black natural fabric was designed to be a alternate version of the previous one. With a stern-looking mandarin collar, a row of gorgeous silver buttons, and subtle touches like charcoal treads around the seams, it gives a serious and methodical appearance to a character that is meant to be an inquisitor.

This amazing piece also features more noticeable details, like the black on white vinyl imprint displaying arcane formulas and alchemical symbols. A gorgeous martingale cinches the coat in the back and leads to a flaring bottom part with contrasted black and white textiles. The inside of the piece is lined with ivory Strasbourg fabric, and a cross embroidery to add a subtle reminder of the guild's emblem.

In addition to the long coat, this set also includes a waterproof leather hood made by hand, with a high collar and a large cross engraved with laser. The black and slightly shiny leather complement perfectly the coat for an amazing air of mystery.

Coat and hood by Les Artisans d'Azure
Sword by Calimacil
Pictures par Open Shutter

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