The Redemption Herald

This amazing set was designed for an Andorian noble from the Redemption Guild at Bicolline. It was created by modifying a plain Armstreet dress and using it as the base.

The gorgeous ocher underdress was layered with an impressive top inspired by Landsknechts from the Renaissance. Made of black and white cotton, the bust is reinforced to provide support and red velvet lines the piece. Decorative ribbons are displayed on the collar and sleeves, while black strips of fabric are contrasted with more ocher in the underlayer along the upper arms.

The set also includes a black and white stripped skirt with cross symbols iconic of the Redemption Guild. Both the top and skirt and held in place by a simple white and black corset provided by a third party.

Skirt and top by Les Artisans d'Azure
Sword and dagger by Nemesis
Dress by Armstreet
Pictures by Open Shutter

Inspiration Renaissance

Redemption Herald

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