The Beast Whisperer

This stunning bog witch set was created around themes of pagan faith, witchcraft, and shamanism. Incredibly intricate, this ambitious project was custom created for this eerie yet fascinating character, inspired by the singer from Heilung. It includes many distinct pieces, from the stunning headpiece, to a dress, cloak, belt, and leather armor pieces.

The coif supports a set of amazing antlers provided by our white witch, and is made of a wide headband with a dense sewed pattern made of thick ivory tread. White bangs hang from the headband, covering the upper face and adding an air of mystery and mysticism to this outfit. On the sides, longer strands are also sewed to the headband, adding even more volume to the model's dreadlocks.

The fur cloak that covers her shoulders and back is made of coyote pelts and Mongolian sheep hide. To create more volume, weasel and fox tails are also added to the base, with large pieces of ripped wool hanging in shreds under the cloak. A set of leather straps hold the thing in place, providing a warm cloak for our witch for cool nights in the marshes.

As the piece that works as the base for all the costume, the dress is extremely important in this outfit. Made of white linen with plenty of stains and patina added after sewing, the dress is light and features long sleeves and an ample collar for comfort. The sleeves in particular are an impressive sight with countless hanging bands, looking like shredded braids and bandages and decorated with beads and trinkets.The overall cut was inspired by Armstreet dresses, but with our own twist put into it.

For the other accessories, the belt was made of fabric with a trim on the edges. it supports a leather loincloth and plenty of braids and ropes decorated with feathers and bones. Like the dress, it was heavily stained to give an aged look.

This complex character costume also includes hardened leather accessories in the form of a set of matching pauldrons and bracers. The larger pauldron has a strong primal aesthetic and includes horns, decorative stamping, and some more of that fabulous Mongolian sheep wool. It was made of thick dyed light brown leather. The simpler small pauldron uses the same material but is instead ornamented with beads and bones.

The bracers are also asymmetrical, with the larger one displaying more bones on top of brown leather straps, laser engravings, and texture stamping. The small one instead goes for a touch of soft fur underneath for comfort and a more feral finish.

Dress, cloak, makeup, and leather accessories by Les Artisans d'Azure
Antlers and pelt provided by the client
Pictures by Open Shutter

Druidic Inspiration
Druidic Inspiration

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