Shaman of the Great Hunt

This impressive shamanic set was custom ordered for a character from Bicolline. Characterized by red and earthy tones, this costume includes a clerical robe designed for the cult of the hunt, as well as a ceremonial belt and skirt, a leather and fur hood, and a grey charcoal sleeveless vest. 

The belt and the skirt it supports are the most complex elements of this set, the leather being engraved and stamped by hand, with pieces of decorative Mongolian sheep wool, synthetic fur on the edges of the skirt. A mixture of layered textile and supple leather has been used for increased contrast between the various colors of the piece. The same kind of finish has been added to the hood, which uses wool and layering as well, with added red embroideries on the beige cotton-linen parts.

For the robe, we chose to go for a historical fantasy design stopping at mid-thigh, with red doubling on the borders of the overlapping flaps. Intricate large decorative ribbons have been added on the sleeves over the red sections for a luxurious finish that doesn't clash with the more nature-oriented aesthetic of this outfit.

Costume by les Artisans d'Azure


Druidic Inspiration
Druidic Inspiration


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