Shieldmaiden Light Armor

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This fantasy leather armor set for LARP is a medieval styled female gear perfectly suited for shieldmaidens and quick-footed warriors. We were asked to make a shorter version of our Shieldmaiden cuirass, and we fell in love with the result! This lighter version of our classic set, it leaves the midsection exposed for more comfort and even greater mobility. Decorated with the same Norse patterns and beautiful finish as our previous design, this lighter version works amazingly with mystical types, characters such as a battle shamans, war druids, and warrior priestesses.

In this photoshoot. We chose to display a partial armor, with only the new short cuirass, the tassets, a bracer and a custom armored arm, to show how great this set can look even when wearing only a few pieces. Worn with a simple green linen dress, a coyote fur, and a canteen, it creates a great outfit for LARP.

Armor by Les Artisans d'Azure
Weapons by Nemesis Workshop
Dress by Armstreet
Shield by Calimacil
Pictures by Open Shutter Photography

Viking Inspiration
Viking Inspiration

Shieldmaiden Armor

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