The Skaven Shaman

This skaven costume was custom-made for a rat-themed character with shamanic powers. Including an handmade long tunic and a custom-made hood, the set has a used, tattered finish fitting a creature living in dirty underground warrens.

The tunic is made of multiple textiles stitched together with many combined layers and contrasting colors to create a patchwork effect. It is supported at the waist by a cloth belt and displays a triangular skaven symbol made of stitched leather. The tunic also has an oversized collar to accommodate the rodent mask, and has a slit on one side to help with mobility.

The hood covers the shoulders and is used to hide the edges of the mask and create a more believable look for the costume. It has holes for the rat ears to stick out on each side and a set of buttonholes on the front. Hidden in the back of the hood is a snap button that links to the mask itself, keeping the hood firmly held in place and making it impossible for it to slip and expose the wearer's head.

Tunic and hood by Les Artisans d'Azure
Naginata by Calimacil
Mask by Damocles

Pictures by Open Shutter

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