One Thousand and One Nights Set

This legendary set inspired by dark fantasy and Middle Eastern influences was designed for a swashbuckling LARP character of great fashion sense and swagger. Composed of intricate handmade clothes as well as a set of matching leather accessories, it is an ambitious project that was entirely custom-made for a truly unique finish.

The clothing includes a sash, a cloak, a pair of pants, a sleeveless overcoat, and a tunic. The overcoat is made of purple textile with mole brown strips and displays a permanent opening on the front, as well as golden seams. The same fabrics can also be seen on the turban and the sash.

The tunic is made of light white linen with a mandarin collar and brocade in the center. Going down to knee length with a trim on the bottom, the tunic has ample sleeves and displays metal claps under the collar. A slit is present on the front and back to allow full leg mobility despite the length.

The cloak is made of linen of similar tone, with a decorative trim, and some patina that leaves it slightly stained and frayed on the bottom. It opens on the side with a set of snap buttons for easy removal.

The pants are wide and puffed, made of brown cotton with some purple added in the bottom. A piping can be seen going in front of the thigh, providing details and texture to this darker piece of clothing. The pants are closed with a very modern zipper, which is carefully hidden on the side and fully invisible when the full costume is worn. The pants also feature pockets for practicality.

The leather accessories accompanying this set are all made of the same dyed chocolate-brown leather, with antique brass rivets and eyelets. Included are a custom-made scabbard, using snap buttons to close over the curved shape of a Calimacil saber, as well as a pair of bracers with straps and buckles, a pouch with contrasted sewing, and a wide belt.

This belt was in fact adapted from our adventurer's belt, but with a wider frame and decorative conchos to give it a much more luxurious finish. Also present is a harness featuring intricate mandala or sun inspired engraved patterns on the leather, which is used to hold a large leather pauldron­.

Clothes and accessories by Les Artisans d'Azure
Saber by Calimacil
Pistol by Denix
Pictures by Open Shutter

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