The Grey Lion

This custom-made full plate armor was created for the Grey Lion, a member of the Griffin guild at Bicolline. Made of stainless steel with a dazzling mirror finish, the plates are set on top of molded vegetable leather, dyed with a sandy brown color. This set also includes coyote fur as an impromptu cloak and around the knees for a unique touch of primal influence fitting well with the fantasy theme of the guild.

Laser engraved runes can be seen decorating various plates, set on matching leather strips and placed on top of the steel to create contrast and complexity. The barbuta helmet was designed for practicality and comfort first, but still displays some flare with a leather crest, more runic engravings, and a horse hair tail in the back.

Covering the body from head to toe, this set is truly a champion's armor, worthy of a great warrior and master of the battlefield.

Design and leather by Les Artisans d'Azure
Metal by Marco Laverdure
Gambeson by Zardwin
Weapon by Nemesis Workshop
Pictures by Open Shutter

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The Grey Lion

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