Grim Mercenary

This rugged mercenary hides many dirty secrets may they be from his own past or shady jobs he did before. This LARP character is overflowing with personality, being a great example of what can be achieved with a clever use of standard products and makeup.

To create this awesome roguish sellsword set, we used the breastplate and helmet from our Beaufort armor, leather being a perfect fit for a quick footed and clever warrior. Under it, a brown Rabenfurth gambeson serves as the base layer for the costume, while a black battle skirt covers the back of the legs, also acting as the belt to support various accessories like a scroll case and a full scabbard.

Additionally, this set includes a leather cap and a plumed hat, while the sword is the Sir Radzig's blade from Calimacil. A sash is worn around the waist for some color highlight, and plate pauldrons and bracers complete the costume for this tough and scrappy combatant.

Leather products by Les Artisans d'Azure
Gambeson by Burgschneider
Plumed hat by Atelier Wotan
Sword by Calimacil
Pauldrons by Armestreet
Pictures by Open Shutter

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Grim Mercenary

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