The Accursed Witch

Inspired by Tim Burton's visual flair, this creepy witch character evokes curses and wickedness. Custom made for LARP and cosplay, this set includes a Victorian styled dress and a leather corset, both displaying lots of texture and intricate patterns.

The ''dress'' is in fact composed of two parts, separated between an upper shirt and a skirt. The top is made of striped black and white textile with puffed sleeves going down to the elbow. From there, the sleeves are tightly adjusted with lacing, the purple fabric contrasting with the monochrome central part. The shirt has a square collar with subtle lace and silver embroideries. The back has a button for a better fit, while a zipper does most of the work to keep this piece closed.

The skirt is a complex multilayered creation. The upper layer uses the same striped fabric as the top, with thick folds to create lots of volume on the sides and the back, with a white curled band on the bottom. Under it can be seen a black layer with a wide striped curled band full of creases and additional volume. The black fabric also displays avian symbols made with silver vinyl. The whole set is slightly longer in the back and creates the iconic shape of a Victorian dress with much more comfort.

The leather corset holds everything together at the waist. Made of molded black leather, covered with random stitches giving it a patchwork appearance, and decorated with fine silver embroideries on the edges, the corset closes on the back with laces and silver eyelets. The piece stops right under the bust, cinching the waist, and supports straps that can hold various accessories on the bottom part.

Dress, corset, and makeup by Les Artisans d'Azure
Hat's mask by Créations Wendigo
Pictures by Open Shutter

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