The Eldorian Envoy

''Make room for his excellency Leyhi, Great Sorcerer of the Eldorians, and Ventash'Ma of Clar Karon'' 

This sleeveless robe inspired by the costume design found in the movie Doctor Strange was custom ordered by M.S for his character at Bicolline, a sorcerer diplomat from an extraplanar specie. Made of multiple layers of various textile, combining linen, cotton, polyester, the robe displays many color nuances. Purple, mauve, and fuchsia dominate this outfit, with silver and grey adding a more sober shade to highlight the costume's astonishing palette. The front of the robe is made of grey brocade and silver patterns, while the drawings on the lowest layer are handmade with specialized fabric paint. With its many layers, this robe provides an almost ethereal and aerial look to the wearer.

The outfit is also completed with a long linen scarf worn around the shoulders, as well as a fabulous belt in waxed supple leather. This amazing accessory is decorated with engraved patterns inspired by maori tattoos, and is embellished by a massive nickel ring acting as the center of the belt. This large ring is also holding in place a majestic braiding made of long strips of all the fabrics used for the rest of the outfit. 

Robe and Belt by les Artisans d'Azure
Scrolls and Parchment by Davy Jones Locker
Mask made by Hysterian Machine
Book by Création Corvus
Skirt by Bradette Créations
Picture by Open Shutter


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