Musketeer Coat

This amazing musketeer outfit was a custom project that started with our customer's desire to improve his leather coat. Before long, what was supposed to be a simple modification for comfort turned into a major project when we decided to add a pauldron and a fabulous half-cape. The pauldron is made of vegetable leather, dyed and molded by hand, and laser engraved with floral patterns. The cloak is richly decorated, with a golden border woven on the cloak sides, as well as the Strasbourg Flora purple polyester doubling the inside of the half-cape. The same purple fabric is visible on the coat sleeves and its inside, added to improve the overall design of the coat. The musketeer jacket was also modified to add an adjustable laced fold on the back, for extra comfort and mobility.

Pauldron and cloak made by les Artisans d'Azure
Coat heavily modified by les Artisans d'Azure


Inspiration Renaissance

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