Grommash Hellscream - Warcraft

'' Lead the Warsong Clan to Glory as the Legendary Grommash Hellscream ! For the Horde ! ''

Made in close partnership with Nemesis Workshop, this impressive orcish armor made of leather and latex foam is directly inspired by the Legendary Orc Warchief Grommash Hellscream, a famous character from the Warcraft universe. The massive pieces of armor, an iconic element of the game aesthetics, needed us to take some creative liberties with the materials to reach the thickness we aimed for. This is why we asked for assistance from our partners at Nemesis to create large foam pieces that we fixed on handmade leather supports. This collaborative work resulted in this huge and very detailed pauldron, decorated with Mongolian sheep wool, as well as the spiked bracers, the boots, and the greaves.

Additionally, our team took on the challenge of working on the accessories and the finish of the set. The most impressive piece is most certainly the massive leather belt, decorated with a modified skull prop, handcrafted leather loincloth, sewed leather skirt, and dyed vegetable leather pieces giving the illusion of metal. The large leather strap holding the pauldron in place presents a similar finish and the same aged patina on the leather, giving the whole set a very rugged and battle hardened look.

Belt, harness, leatherwork, and makeup by les Artisans d'Azure
Latex and foam pieces by Nemesis Workshop
Picture by Karim Photography


Inspiration Barbarian

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