The Oracle

'' You will die on the day that the blind man sees you...''

Heavily inspired by the Seer from the Vikings TV series, this custom ordered costume was made for an original character adaptation of the Oracle of Kattegat used in LARP. The impressive ragged robe is made of an under layer of beige cotton twill with an upper layer of burgundy ragged linen, dyed by hand and aged using darker dye tones and adding strategic tears in the fabric. The shoulder jacket is made using a dark grey wool net in crochet, torn intro pieces for a ragged and aged look. The cloak is made of patched black polyester, attached on the front of the neck with a pair of large metal rings and leather straps. The gruesome FX makeup over the eyes was done using silicone and mesh to cover the eyes while keeping some visibility for the wearer.

Costume and makeup by les Artisans d'Azure
Pictures by Open Shutter Photography


Druidic Inspiration
Druidic Inspiration


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