The Elven Wanderer

An elf wanders the continent. Sometimes a mere traveller, she trades, spies, and explore the world without worries or string attached. A charismatic adventurer sometimes working as a diplomat for hire, this noble born elf is no pushover in a fight, but she prefers to avoid performing the dance of the blade unless forced to do so.

This amazing fantasy LARP character was inspired by a blend of far East historical clothing from l'Immortel, and featured as part of the official launch for the Athena weapons from Nemesis Workshop. This elf adventurer wields the Strategist's Dao and the Kandjar dagger from our dear local foamsmiths! The pictures were all taken on site at the Duchy of Bicolline during winter.

Costume made by l'Immortel
Make up and model by Les Artisans d'Azure
Weapons by Nemesis Workshop
Pictures by Sylvain Robert

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