The Dwarven Armory

When passing in town, adventurers always seek the most talented artisan to repair and upgrade their gear for the next battle. Few local smiths match the reputation of a Dwarven master, and it is with no surprise that warriors and heroes alike gather around such a great craftsman.

Baggit the Blacksmith
Christian Buteau, craftsman

A dwarf like few others, yet nonetheless proud of his people crafting legacy, Baggit has been living alongside the longshanks for so long that he began to adapt and change, something that would be anathema to the rest of the stubborn mountain folks. When dealing with humans, this messy and disorganized blacksmith likes to look at people eyes to eyes, so he came up with the idea of crafting high boots from sturdy ale barrels. Who's the shorty now?

The Questing Ranger
Samuel Gagnon-Trembay, chief executive officer, owner, craftsman

Heir to a small and thriving kingdom, this ranger seeks travel and adventure to gain experience, but more importantly to make his domain known across the world. A few years back, he embarked on a quest that saw him explore a new continent, an old world full of wonders and fantastic discoveries. He fought well on these battlefields, and now that he is back, he gazes into the horizon with dreams and ambitions greater than ever.

The Battle Cleric

Oussama Dahliz, salesman

Religion and militancy often come hand in hand, especially when fighting unholy horrors that threaten all that is good and fair in the world. This warrior priest chose a challenging life of arduous combat, testing his bravery on the fields of battle, and struggling against the tides of evil with both faith and a strong arm. Meditation and studies are for times of piece, and peace requires to be ready for war.


This amazing photoshoot was made possible by the generous involvement of Benjamin Von Wong, a world renowned artist known for is impactful creative photography.

Thank you again for your amazing work!

You can learn more about Benjamin's creations on his artist website :  

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