"The Fusion" armors

This photoshoot done in 2017 with the talented LexaOne was organized to celebrate the fusion of two companies, Les Artisans d'Azure and l'Atelier de l'Arbre Mécanique. As such, Anne-Marie Taillefer and her team joined Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay and his team, improving the company with a whole sewing department specialized in custom orders.

Samuel chose, to represent Les Artisans d'Azure, his favorite war costume. A customized brigandine forms the main part, easily recognizable with its thin burgundy leather, its crenelated ocher sleeves, all while keeping flexible thanks to its multiple aluminum plates. His legs and arms are covered with similar protections in chocolate-brown color, and his knees and elbows are protected with steel elbow and knee cops. The helmet, made of an arched dome decorated with a padded braid, covers a chainmail coif whose experience adds a veteran touch to the costume!

Anne-Marie decided to showcase a varied blend of pieces worthy of her love of asymmetry born within the Arbre Mécanique. Her striped pants and her two-color shirt add some punch to her exuberant costume. With a belt and a leather corset for main accessories, the outfit is completed with sturdy gloves, a hat and leather boots. With such a costume, the craftswoman fully displays the potential of a costume focused on its details, without hesitation in regards to mixing styles or strong colors!

3 years have passed since the Fusion, and Les Artisans d'Azure are proud to continue with their mission: To improve the decorum in LARPing activities with authentic and accessible products adapted for those events.

Inspiration Late Middle Ages
Late Middle Ages

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