Vinier's Tougard Spouses

This magnificent pair of costumes were custom-made for a couple of characters from the Vinier guild at Bicolline! These high-end pieces complement each other and highlight the style inspired by the traditional outfits of the 14th century, both in their color choices or their style and accessories.

The damsel's dress, in semi-extensible linen, is originally made of two contrasting colors, burgundy and natural. The sleeves, the bottom of the dress and the belt are made of beautiful golden jacquard, the latter being completed by glorious pom-poms golden and scarlet. Adjustable on the sides to give a more advantageous silhouette, the set is also enhanced with handstitched linen buttonholes as well as decorative ribbons contrasting black and gold. The set is accompanied by a cream-colored veil with delicate golden thread, our "Priest's Pouch" and a leather celtic headband laser engraved. Our customer also chose to accompany the costume with a magnificent, richly decorated mirror, a distinguished pair of boots from Armstreet, and a decorated belt.

The damoiseau's costume, perfectly matching that of is partner, has for its main piece a superb decorated tunic of thick burgundy linen decorated with hand-stitched buttonholes. The neck, the bottom and the sleeves of the tunic are decorated with a gold and cream jacquard, with delicate ribbons bridging the two shades which complete each other perfectly. Laser-engraved and hand-painted crests, representing the Vinier guild, line the bottom of the tunic for an exceptional finish. Underneath, an under-tunic from Armstreet has been modified to add a burgundy faux-capitonné to the sleeves, the collar and the bottom. For accessories, our customer proudly wears a belt and a hood made by himself in our workshop during our classes. Added to the whole set, as a final touch, is a delicate laser-engraved leather crown, in brown and golden. 

Costumes by Les Artisans d'Azure
Pictures by Open Photo Photography
Claymore by Nemesis Workshop


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