Chien-Po Cosplay - Mulan

This magnificent Cosplay was ordered by an experienced cosplayer who wanted to give life to this most flamboyant character: Chien-Po from the movie Mulan!

This is the female version of the costume (during the infiltration of the palace by the 4 soldiers) which was designed here. The extensible lycra skirt is of a superb sky blue, equipped with small loops to hold the ribbon and the buckle. The latter is made of two-tone and is well highlighted, right in the center of the character! The false-kimono, attached to the skirt, is made of stretchy cotton knit with a border of royal blue and gold Chinese jacquard. The set is completed perfectly with a very simple veil, ideal to whip its adversaries and to climb the posts of the imperial palace!

The set is built to be not only easy to wear and comfortable, but is also an optical illusion to avoid excessive thickness and perfectly represent the "comic" look of Chien-Po during his adventures to save China!

Costume and makeup by Les Artisans d'Azure

Inspiration Asian

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