Ciri Cosplay

This Ciri Cosplay, from the game Witcher 3, was created by our colleague and cosplayer Floeur Cosplay in the heart of the 2020 pandemic. So it was a work of recovery and patchwork, using the materials at her disposal with originality and reusing what was around her! This photoshoot was set up to showcase our new complete scabbard to go with Ciri's sword, in collaboration with Calimacil and CD Projekt Red.
Ciri's beautiful vegetable leather scabbard is one of our most beautiful partnered creations! With the help of the original 3D models from the video game and enhanced with Calimacil's molded plastic chape, this long scabbard shines with its unique mustard color and patterns printed in the leather. The practical soft leather straps allow for an optimal adjustment on the belt.
Calimacil's Zirael sword is also gorgeous, with its long silver blade, magical engravings and beautiful floral pattern on the hilt. The characteristic Witcher style is recognizable by the triangular shape of the guard and the high bearing of the weapon!

Ciri's signature corset is made of recycled fabrics, decorated with antique rivets and finished with a beautiful patina of oil paint. The blouse and shoulder strap, also made of recycled materials, have been modified, assembled and adorned with hand-made beads and matching rings. The decorative silver belt is ingeniously made of cardboard and Worbla Black Art, painted and finished with acrylic paint, oil paint and nail polish. Then, the vegetable leather belt has a handmade buckle made of painted Worbla for a realistic finish! The second-hand gloves were airbrushed, while extensions and buckles were added. The armbands, made of leather scraps, have also been adorned with buckles made of Worbla Black Art. The Inigo Arda Wigs wig has been customized, with the roots darkened with alcohol markers. The resin-printed necklace is made by Doll Damage Cosplay.

Costume: Floeur Cosplay and Les Artisans d'Azure
Makeup: Floeur Cosplay
Scabbard: Les Artisans d'Azure and Calimacil
Sword: Calimacil
Pictures: Open Shutter Photography

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