Cavalier's Armor

Young militiaman hailing from a discreet village battered by the winds of the plains, Sjur Helberg had just lived his first battle and, exhausted yet victorious, he was getting ready for his next. He asked a renowned craftsman to add on his helmet the mane of his late steed, struck down in combat, to remind that his family was waiting for him and that he needed to come out victorious of the upcoming battles. A sharp pain in his flanks did not fail to remind him that a chainmail was too light of a safeguard for his survival. His new armor was now his trusty battle companion and, he hoped, would avoid him additional scars. As he marched towards his next campaign, his fear vanished as he trained and focused on the upcoming battle: enthusiasm made his heart race and, agitated, he was eagerly looking forward to his next chance to prove his worth crossing swords with other military men like him.

This LARP armor was inspired by those of the Rohirrims from the Lord of the Rings. This set is a mix of custom creations and modified standard products, harmoniously matched together to create a flexible and mobile steel and leather armor. The torso, reinforced with 2 slats, is made of a base in vegetable leather dyed and molded and covered with 20ga brushed stainless steel plates to make as light as possible. The tassets and pauldrons are removable to accommodate more discreet situations. A belt made of semi-supple leather was added to cover the lower abdomen. A chainmail was modified to make it shorter and standard bracers complete the outfit. The Raven Helmet was also modified to add leather to match with the rest of the armor as well as horsehair. This completes a very elegant and polyvalent set, warrior-like and also light, which gives off a strong presence for the soldier portrayed by this LARP player!

Armor by Les Artisans d'Azure
Modified helm and chainmail by Epic Armoury 
Bracers, shield and sword by Epic Armoury


Inspiration Warriors & Mercenaries
Warriors & Mercenaries

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