The Purple Witch

This magnificent LARPing coat was strongly inspired by the aesthetic of the Hocus Pocus movie. Made in comfortable knitted extensible eggplant fabric, it is lined with a beautiful jacquard fabric with rich silver and black patterns. The tailored waist create a nice contrast with the long flared sleeves, and the impressive volume of the outfit comes from the design of the back, which is finished a delicate lacing and silver rings. The coat is decorated with countless original drawings inspired by the movie in very shiny silver vinyl: among those, a skull with a twin snake and three birds can be found in the back, with magical runes adorning the sleeves' border. With a collar worthy of the greatest magicians, folded purple and silver ribbons have been added in the seams. At the waist, printed bird skulls decorate the satin silver belt which closes the front of the coat. And, a most incredible final touch: the coat has pockets! A most impressing costume all in grace, comfort and practicality which will without a doubt make the player the most impressing sorcerer of her LARP!

Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
Makeup by Les Artisans d'Azure
Pictures by Open Shutter Photography


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