The Dwarven Blacksmith

No one can remain unimpressed by this fitting outfit of standard products perfectly adapted to this dwarven blacksmith character! We had a lot of fun creating this fictional character who we could imagine giving a rough time to anyone contradicting her in her LARP!

This main piece of the costume is without contest the superb apron and its outstanding solidity. Made of waterproof waxed leather with a cracked look giving it a nice weathered finish, it will efficiently protect you from the flames and dangers of blacksmithing or other works! The adjustable straps at the back and neck make it a functional product for both smaller and larger sizes. The sewn border, made of the same type of leather, gives more body to the apron while keeping it flexible. But the best is yet to come: two large pockets in riveted leather, eyelets to attach accessories, a utility strap and a metal ring allow you to hang and attach all of your accessories and add more flavor and personality to your apron to match your character.

A simple yet efficient belt holds all of her adventuring material: a mug (mandatory), a practical accessory holder and a well filled pouch (good luck taking it from her!). We call see a bracer and an asymmetrical pauldron in steel and leather to give a more warrior-like vibe to the outfit. Another remarkable element: the weathered hood, which adds a "wilder" touch while protecting from the weather. As a final touch, a decorative bracelet, oversized boots and shirt, a ton of forging tools, a colorful scarf, and a superb hammer by Calimacil, making this character ready to smash all the fantastical monsters and forge for you the most beautiful of armors!

Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
Photo by Open Shutter Photography

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