Vigil of the Eternal Flame

For this extraordinary costume, we made the magnificent war gambeson! Made in steel blue false-padded fabric with burgundy topstitching, it is also lined with a cotton of the same color and has removable sleeves for added comfort. Appliques made of cracked supple leather can be seen on the shoulders, biceps and forearms, while a mix of suede leather strips, dark blue wool and waxed leather were added as braiding lines for additional details! Dozens of vegetal leather plates were carefully laser-engraved with the symbol of the character's religion, the "Eternal Flame", and then dyed and varnished by hand to finally be added to the bases of the gambeson. The gambeson is practically attached at the front with solid laces passed through antique brass eyelets. A chocolate brown bias decorates all the edges, while a weathering patina was added to the whole set to give it more character.

Fun fact, the pretty cap was a personal gift from our craftswoman Anne-Marie. Is it made of burgundy fabric scraps, beige quilted fabric and black linen-cotton with white piping. The armor accessories, the stole and the painted shield are magnificent pieces from Alex-Sacha Simoneau. Completed with Olivier Laliberté-Beaulieu's armor pieces, Cuir FL boots and a Nemesis mace, this makes for a legendary set for an unforgettable character!

Gambeson by Les Artisans d'Azure
Photo by Open Shutter Photography

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