Serpent's Eye Coat

This voluptuous winter coat was made for Leeila the witch from the guild of the Terribles Serpents à Sonnette from the Seven Seas of the South-South-East. Inspired from the theme of "The 3rd Eye" and from the esoteric nature of the desert, this mystical witch costume will fit perfectly for fall and winter activities at the Duchy of Bicolline.

Made in a wool cashmere in ocre yellow, the coat closes with asymmetrical buttonholes at the front. The lining is made of a dark purple polyester damas, with a style evoking the theme of hypnotism. Large ribbons with persan patterns decorate the bottom part, the sleeves and the really large, gathered hood of the coat. Delicate fringes decorate the armholes et the shoulder to add more movement and structure to the outfit, on top of the pointy sleeves matching with the hood to add to the mystical look. The belt, just like the lining, is decorated with a large ribbon and the same fringes that are on the shoulders. The lower back shines with the alternation of dark fabric in the lining, the beautiful ocre of the coat and the decorative ribbon which also gives a nice shape to the costume.

Coat by Les Artisans d'Azure
Photo by Open Shutter Photo
Makeup and accessories by the customer

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