The Rune Mage

This custom wizard set was created for a LARP character of great arcane power, played by a member of our team. This rune mage costume includes a hooded vest, a long linen tunic, a cape, a loincloth, and a custom leather belt.

The vest has short sleeves and a detachable hood. It contrasts pure white with dark blue textiles for a sharp and clean finish that highlights the character's dedication to its magical studies. It also displays large runes on the sleeves and the back, made with white-silver vinyl print.

Under the vest, the longer cut of the tunic completes the set, covering the arms with its long sleeves and hanging down to the knees. This piece is made of white linen with two rows of trim at the hem, and extensive decorations at the end of the cuff, once again using blue textile a silver vinyl to reinforce the runic theme.

The cape is held in place with a V-shaped harness that can be attached to the belt.The straps are made with intricately ornamented textiles, the same used for the trims visible on much of the costume. It goes down to the ankles, the exterior being blue, while the interior is lined in white and decorated with runes. The back of the cloak also displays a large dark rune. A loincloth also comes as a clothing accessory for this set, being attached around the waist with a stretchy band. It hangs a little past the knees and displays similar trims and runes as the rest of the outfit.

Finally, a custom leather belt was crafted to complete this costume with a utilitarian item. Modified from our alchemist belt, it displays a fancier buckle and different accessories holder, including a wand holster, emplacements for vials, two pouches, and a scroll case carried at an angle to be easier to access. The belt also has a custom attach made for an additional scroll.

Costume and leather accessories by Les Artisans d'Azure
Staff by Nemesis Workshop


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