Freebooter Commodore

This astonishing leather armor is inspired by the late Renaissance, taking from Spanish conquistadors, French musketeers, and wealthy corsairs from the time period. Designed for a character from the Freebooter guild at Bicolline, it is meant to display wealth and elegance, and even takes some esthetic elements from the Victorian period, with lace patterns engraved in the leather for texture and complexity.

The whole set is made of dyed and molded vegetable leather, with a black tone-on-tone palette and light sanding of the leather. The aforementioned patterns were laser engraved on thin leather, which has been sewn piece by piece on the thicker base structure with ivory treads for a contrasted touch.

The body armor is divided in two pieces, one covering the torso and the other the waist and stomach. The torso piece is adjusted with straps on the back, but closes on the front with pivoting brass clasps. It includes a high leather collar with lace texture and white edges. The second part of the body armor takes the form of an armored corset with leather lacing on the back and sides, as well as snap buttons on the front. It also displays little decorative skirts on the bottom, flaring away from the body.

The armor supports a pair of asymmetrical pauldrons, the left one being articulated while the right is a solid piece of leather protection the upper arm. There is also a pair of flaring bracers using the same white leather lace as decoration around the elbow and wrist.

For the lower body, a set of removable tassets protects the upper legs, attached to the corset for comfort and stability. These the lead to long greaves made in the style of 16th century high boots and providing full protection for the shins and knees.

Leather armor and cloak by Les Artisans d'Azure
Rapier by Nemesis Workshop
Guns by Denix
Pictures by Open Shutter

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