The Elven Samurai

This impressive samurai full leather armor set was made for LARP. Our samurai armor is inspired by traditional Japanese designs, but with adjustments for live action activities. The many slats composing this armor set are all securely fastened with tens of meters of leather laces, avoiding the use of rivets and providing great flexibility in combat.

Leather was well known by Japanese armorers, while generally being used for composite lamellar armor with harder materials. Still, this light leather design is closer to historical armor than most of our creations, while still perfectly suitable for fantasy characters like this stoic elf warrior, the dutiful guardian of these woods. With its brown coloration, this version of our samurai set is highly versatile and can be used with plenty of themes, including some closer to the natural world.

Armor by Les Artisans d'Azure
Sword by Calimacil
Pictures by Open Shutter

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