The Acolyte - Final Fantasy XIV

This fantastic wizard set from Final Fantasy XIV is an acolyte design custom-made for this cosplay costume. It includes a long coat, a shirt, and a few unique accessories that combined together give this character a truly amazing look.

The coat is made of green canvas fabric, lined in red nylon. It has an asymmetrical cut on the front and a wide hood. The sleeves include supple leather wrists, emulating the shape of a long glove. The coat is loose and displays long and deep creases and fold, giving it some resemblance with a monastic gown or wizard robes. It also includes a few extra decorative details like ribbons on the upper arms, and green vinyl print on the bottom front. Big black stitches are also visible on the coat, providing extra texture and complexity to this centerpiece of the costume.

The shirt was designed in-house and created by our partners from l'Immortel. It is made of white linen with look puffy sleeves and a fancy pleat around the collar, inspired by Renaissance musketeers shirts. The sleeves are designed so the white linen is visible around the wrist, right under the coat's leather cuffs.

A double belt was also created for this outfit. Made of supple sewed leather, it is decorated with red gem inserts as well as big white stitches and multiple rivets. The belt has big buckles and carries a custom leather bag with a laser engraved finish. In terms of accessories, a custom-made wool hat and leather boots were also made by collaborators to complete this outfit.

Clothes and leather accessories by Les Artisans d'Azure and l'Immortel
Boots by Armstreet
Hat by Créations Sydéral
Pictures by Open Shutter

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