The Brabancourt Knight and the Lady

This custom-made armor was created for the Brabancourt guild in Bicolline. Composed of a coat-of-plates and plate armor, it protects the wearer from head to toes, providing the best possible protection for battle. The set also includes a paint job on the helmet and the creation of heraldic crests worn at the belt.

The coat of plate contrasts black and red leather with a yellow edge, its bold colors hiding the aluminum plates riveted underneath. It is a light and mobile armor that can also support full-arm protection, steel plate armor going from the shoulder to the wrist to protect the wearer in combat.

The impressive leg protection isn't affixed to the armor, though, being instead held in place by a sturdy leather belt worn under the armor itself. This hidden belt is supporting the weight of the plates and blocking them from slipping lower.

With this heavily armored knight can be seen a lady of the Brabancourt guild, wearing a stunning set of clothing from Armstreet and a corset belt found in our shop. While unarmored, she isn't defenseless, wielding an elegant blade from Nemesis Workshop.

Coat-of-plates, crests, metal painting, and makeup by Les Artisans d'Azure
Plate armor by Marco Laverdure
Weapons by Calimacil and Nemesis Workshop
Dress by Armstreet
Pictures by Open Shutter

Inspiration Late Middle Ages
Late Middle Ages

Late Middle Ages

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