The Monster Hunter

Inspired by the famous "Witcher" character, this armored set features many modular parts, a beautiful alternation of dark leather and shiny steel,making the final look even more badass! This character will be able to hunt down monsters in LARP, participate in medieval fairs, or win many sword duels!
Entirely made of standard products from Les Artisans d'Azure or parts with minor modifications, this set is striking proof that it is possible to have a complete and amazing costume without complicating your life. The shoulders are covered with our impressive Conqueror's Pauldrons , attached with our Harness in X, a versatile and multi-functional accessory. Attached is our Sergeant's Scabbard in black leather and steel decoration. This one perfectly suits Geralt's Silver Sword, an official foam sword from the Witcher game by Calimacil that sets the tone for the whole thing. At his waist, our popular Adventurer's Belt allows him to efficiently carry a handy Square Pouch, Dagger Scabbard, and Noble's Dagger from Nemesis Workshops. Our new Sentinel Skirt, with its asymmetrical cut and contrasting purple panel, adds a touch of color to the costume. The whole is completed by a beautiful Coyote Fur Skin and bracers and greaves by Marco Laverdure.
  • Costume and armor by Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Sword by Calimacil
  • Dagger by Les Ateliers Nemesis
  • Photo by Open Shutter Photography

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