The Ashen Viking

A warrior whose renown needed no introduction, Ulf advanced forward where others retreated, confident in his abilities even though he fought alone. No one had vanquished him, whether it were groups of enemies far outnumbering him or great, remorseless beasts hungry for blood. It is told that after a pilgrimage to the gods, they had recognized his remarkable valor and bravery and that they had bestowed an armor worthy of only the most courageous warriors upon him. Worked from the hide of the great black wolves, this set of armor protected Ulf from the swords and axes of his enemies and always left him unscathed. An appropriate gift for the lone wolf that he was, the ancestral runes decorating the armor gave him supernatural strength and uncanny swiftness in battle, while the dark tones of the leather added to Ulf’s reputation and aura, both imposing and terrifying. While no one had managed to injure Ulf and his legendary impregnable armor, his axe had yet to find  similar resistance…

This Viking inspired complete armor is designed for all lovers of Nordic culture during medieval, LARP or reconstitution events. The solid lines visible throughout the armor are complemented by the delicate engravings of runes and symbols on the leather. The multiple lamellar type scales made of soft leather allow for mobility and exceptional comfort, guaranteeing a full day of raging battles with minimal soreness. The design of the belt and tassets is made so that their weight is shared between the hips and the chest piece thanks to leather straps attaching them together. The articulated shoulders reinforce the imposing silhouette of the wearer while leaving an exceptional efficiency of movement. All of the pieces in this armor are removable and adjustable. This set will be the perfect armor for Norse warriors, barbarians, berserkers and vikings in LARPs.

Armor by Les Artisans d'Azure
Axe by Les Ateliers Némésis
Photos by Lexa One

Viking Inspiration
Viking Inspiration

Ashen Viking Armor

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