The Ashen Shieldmaiden

Suddenly, a sound breaks the quiet silence of the forest. An arrow takes its flight and reaches its target just as suddenly, felling its target in but a moment. Another successful hunt, Revna told herself, as she was walking towards her prey with a confident yet discreet stride through the leaves and branches of the undergrowth in which she was hunting. She kept a watchful eye on her surroundings, wary that even this little sound could be enough to alert potential enemies. Long trained in the use of weapons, she still preferred the quiet and peaceful times to the periods of conflicts and wars, but alas, those had not yet come to an end. Carrying her bow and arrows to hunt, she also had with her a dagger and a sword if necessary, but mostly had her armor, an essential element in case she had to fight or skirmish with an enemy. Made with the greatest details, her armor, light and perfectly adjusted to her silhouette, had protected her many times from danger without stopping her from hunting discreetly in the area. Thinking back on the various combats she had survived and the enemies she had dispatched, she held back a slight sigh, wishing for a return to calm while also being thankful for having been protected so efficiently by her exceptional armor.

This fantasy leather armor set for LARP is a medieval-styled female armor perfectly suited for shieldmaidens and Nordic warriors. With a shapely armor corset, a long combat skirt made of supple leather, and a viking-style spectacle helmet, this set inspires combat prowess and martial expertise. Very mobile and comfortable, this armor can be taken on and off without requiring assistance from a squire or sister in arms with the use of snap buttons on the breastplate, but also features laces to help get a better fit when needed. This leather armor set is quite versatile and can be used for a large array of female characters in fantasy or mythological settings. The elegant, feminine, and light design of the torso can easily suit elven scouts, sylvan rangers, forest archers, amazon huntresses, and renowned viking shieldmaidens.

Armor by Les Artisans d'Azure
Weapons by Calimacil and Nemesis Workshop
Photos by Lexa One

Viking Inspiration
Viking Inspiration

The Ashen Shieldmaiden

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