The Swamp Monster

Legends say this creature wanders and lurks in deepest parts of the Eastern Swamps. Its body made of iridescent, armored scales with long and sharp claws, it would even stay so immobile that the local fauna had started taking over its body. Many disappearances by nights of full moon were attributed to this monster, but even then, no proofs were found to confirm the claim, nor has any passerby ever witnessed the existence of this mythical creature.

Made by our craftsman Raymond as a personal project, this incredible costume of the Swamp Monster was created to impress during Halloween and was strongly inspired by the movie Luca by Pixar as well as other old horror movies. There are more than 120 hours of careful handwork on this exceptional project!

Made using our Woodland Armor for LARP as a base, this full set of armor was significantly modified to add plenty of details and pieces which transform it into a real medieval monster armor! Made from dyed and molded vegetable leather, there is hand stamping as well as a scaly texture applied on all the pieces. The set includes a breastplate, tassets, a helmet with superb leather ears, a war skirt with a weathered finish, greaves which also include clawed shoe-covers, a segmented tail and gloves which are clawed, webbed and articulated. The leather was dyed in more than six different tints of green, while dried lichen and fake plants were added as a final detail.

  • Armor by: Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Photo by: Lexa One

We also want to thank Terra Corvus for giving us access to their terrain for the pictures!

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