Leather Armor Harold

Here's our armor inspired by Hiccup's from the movie "How to Train your Dragon". This Viking-inspired set is a real eye-catcher when worn, and will protect its owner from the fires of his opponents during his LARP battles!

This medieval fantasy armor, hand-made by our own craftsmen, is made of dyed vegetable leather and supple leather for the straps and trims. The set is made unique by its asymmetrical design, the unusual layout of its overlapping back panels with snap buttons, its wide pauldrons, its bracers and the belt crossing over the chest, giving the whole set an out-of-the-ordinary look. During the design phase, we decided to add an integrated collar for extra protection, and opted for a shorter cuirass to offer greater ease of movement in combat situations. As a finishing touch, a patina has been added to give a worn look and the impression that it has already overcome several heroic battles.

  • Armor by Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Photo by Pauline Sautarel

Viking Inspiration
Viking Inspiration

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