The Rogue Sisters

A great partnership with the artist Liza Robert, an American photographer and artist well known for her superb pieces of work on Instagram, gave birth to this wonderful photoshoot! Our leather pieces were admirably put on display within these two beautiful outfits, a duet of characters of a medieval rogue as well as a medieval ranger outfit.

The first character, the perfect assassin in black, proudly wears our Short Corset Belt; a medieval women's belt in solid leather that is versatile and can be worn as a delicate medieval corset, a renaissance belt or a LARP armor! Once fitted with a woman breastplate, you can transform any character to a fierce warrior with your new medieval mercenary armor! All that without forgetting your rogue knife to discreetly dispose of your enemies.

Her sister-in-arms plays a stealthy yet ferocious woodland ranger with her fantasy adventurer outfit to which we have gifted our Laced Quiver. Specially made to be able to carry about a dozen or so LARP arrows, this arrow quiver is the perfect medieval accessory to shine as an archer in your event! Adjustable and solid, this handmade leather good will accompany any ranger or archer character in LARP!


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