Short Corset Belt
Short Corset Belt
Short Corset Belt
Short Corset Belt
Short Corset Belt
Les Artisans d'Azure

Short Corset Belt


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The woman made me jump front surprise. She wasn't supposed to be there. It was a private salon. As she stepped outside the shadows, I was struck by her unusual beauty. Her skin was paler than milk, and her lips a vibrant scarlet. As she slowly walked towards me, I found myself entranced my her charms, my eyes lingering on her balancing hips, cinched by a gorgeous leather corset. Her eyes almost glowed, such a strange color. Once she was close enough to hear my nervous breathing, she allowed herself to smile, revealing a pair of fangs behind the crimson of her lips. I should have run, but I could no longer do anything...


With its vegetable leather structure and its handmade stitchings, this wide belt is as resilient as it is comfortable, while also cinching the waist gracefully. Its intense color and graceful shape will greatly enhance any LARP costume, may it be for a demoness, vampire, cultist or witch character. 


  • Vegetable leather 8-9 oz / 4mm
  • Supple leather 2-3 oz / 1mm
  • Rivets, buttons, eyelets and decorations in brass plated metal 


  • Easy to adust by yourself, unlike a corset
  • Frontal length : 6 1/2 in/ 16.5 cm
  • Sides length : 5 in / 12.7 cm

Size (Waist)

  • X-Small : 24 to 26 inches / 60 to 66 cm
  • Small : 27 to 29 inches / 69 to 74 cm
  • Medium : 30 to 33 inches / 76 to 84 cm
  • Large : 34 to 37 inches / 86 to 94 cm
  • X-Large : 38 to 42 inches / 96 to 107 cm

Handmade in Quebec, Canada, by Les Artisans d'Azure