Médène - The Hobbit Shopkeeper

This beautiful mix and match outfit was designed with a blend of catalog products as well as a few custom creations, specifically combined for our colleague Mélanie and her iconic hobbit character! Médène Mord-Mollet, also known under the name of the Baguette Knight, is a well known figure at Bicolline as well as the Drachenfest in the United-States, proudly representing Les Artisans d'Azure on our social medias and our various missions with our partners. Mercenary on her own time, but mostly shopkeeper and merchant, she is a proud, merry and feisty character, always ready for a night of games with good cider!
The delicate, unique and light shirt in a beautiful white fabric is decorated with buttons at the sleeves and a pretty buckle to adorn the upper part of the collar in a Victorian style. The plaid half-skirt (it has pockets!) as well as the apron were custom-made with the colors of the company and are adjustable to be worn by different employees during various events. The colorful, flowery apron even has holes that lead to the pockets of the skirt, while the fasteners can make a beautiful knot. The paperboy style hat was modified with small patches in the same fabric as the skirt to echo the the patters and colors of it.
A Short Belt centers takes in at the waist of the character, complemented by a pair of leather suspenders to add to the 19th century look of the little halfling. She also wears a Triangle Pouch to carry all her treasures, as well as a Viking Seax and its scabbard, the whole set assorted on a classic Ring Belt for added versatility. Short leather gloves add an additional touch to the character, as well day-to-day utilitarian medieval accessories like her Parchments, her ledger Grimoire and her Scribe Quill! As such, she is always ready to happily negotiate, take a good tankard of ale or fiercely defend her shop against bandits!

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