The Ruthless Underling

Serving a dark lord can be a complex task. Fortunaly, Lark treats his job with devotion and seriousness, and is always ready to solve in a rather, expeditive, manner whatever would threaten his master's plans. Whether it be protecting the anonymity of a secret metting, prevent uninvited guests from entering the dungeon or discreetly making an undesirable witness disappear, this servant is always in the front line to serve his Lord-Whom-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

This fantasy adventurer outfit was assembled from various standard products at the Les Artisans d'Azure shop for a dark and sinister character, at a crossroad between a barbarian costume and a Dark Souls inspiration. The costume base is made of a red and black tunic featuring a light gambeson finish while still being lightweight and comfortable as well as practical medieval black pants. The main piece of the costume is our superb Ashwalker Spikes Pauldron, attached to the right shoulder with a Y harness in black leather. This dark gothic champion is well armed with the Gem Slash Sword in ruby colors and a Ritual knife. The outfit is completed by a pair of our versatile Neutral Bracers in dark leather, our  Adventurer's Belt and an open leather scabbard lined with velvet.

Photo by Les Artisans d'Azure
Sword and Dagger by Les Ateliers Nemesis Workshop
Tunic, gambeson collar by Burgschneider
Pants by Leonardo Carbone


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